A place meant for the unordinary, a place where time comes to a still, the quintessential spirit is elevated to its yearned abode and the inner void is satiated with the cup of divine love.

Maqam is an experiential resort nestled in the lower reaches of the majestic Zabarwan Range with vantage views of Srinagar City and the Dal Lake.

Located 15 mins drive away from the Dal Lake off Shalimar, a short but scenic journey escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life into nature’s tranquil abode.


Built on a chalet originally built by a Nawab, Maqam features an array of open spaces that reflect art and grandeur.

Each lobby features a unique theme with varied seating styles and exterior views.

Every corner of the place has been intricately decorated with traditional art and offers an escapade through the sands of time.

Chinar Lounge

The enthralling open space that features a lavish entrance hall with a traditional style seating area and fusion of traditional and contemporary furnishings including a large dining table.

Rabab lounge

The Rabab lounge inspires the spirit with its scintillating view of the Zabarwan Mountain, featuring live sufi music in the evenings and captivating the guests in its enchanting atmosphere.

The Attic

Features luxuriously built wooden environs with a touch of traditional art and comfortable seating lounges on each side, one with a view of the Zabarwan Mountain Range and the other offering a vantage view of the Srinagar city and the famous Dal Lake.

the exterior

The exterior features an enthralling open garden overlooking the city and the dal lake with a backdrop of the majestic Zabarwan mountain range.

The exterior is inspired by nature and features an organic vegetable farm and a fruit orchard.

You can divulge in the scenic surroundings or engage with the heavenly fruits and vegetables fresh from the gardens.

The exterior front deck offers a view of the Srinagar city below.

the exterior

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Room Features

Lavish and luxuriously curated rooms with all modern amenities add a mix of experience and opulence to your stay at the Maqam. 

Our Rooms

  • Rabia
  • Rumi
  • Mansoor
  • Shams
  • Hassan
  • IBN Arabi
  • Jami
  • Hafiz
  • AL Ghazali
  • Athar


Multi Cuisine Restaurant with an exterior patio sitting area and a large interior dining table that accommodates 12 people.

Organic Fruits & Vegetables from the Garden served on demand.

24 hours service with an amazingly friendly staff.

Airport Pickup and Drop Services.

Cab services for local sightseeing


Room Packages including food with local sightseeing in Srinagar.

Room Packages with experiential activities like bird watching, historical tours, and trekking to some of the most breathtaking Himalayan destinations.

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Maqam Resort
Khimber, Srinagar
Jammu & Kashmir, 190006.


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